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BOINC logo July 2007.svg
Developer(s)University of California, Berkeley
Stable release
6.10.36 / March 1, 2010; 8 years ago (2010-03-01)
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Operating systemLinux, Windows, Mac OS X
TypeGrid computing and Volunteer computing

BOINC, or The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is an organization that lets ordinary people use their computers to do scientific work. SETI, or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, is the most popular of the BOINC programs. SETI searches for radio signals from outer space that might be a sign of alien life and worlds. BOINC involves other scientific work. For example, it allows individuals to use their computer to find the structures of proteins, a cure for the disease malaria or the very structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

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