Baahubali: The Beginning

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Baahubali: The Beginning is a 2015 Indian epic action drama movie.

KV Prasad

KV Vijayendra Prasad, father of renowned director S.S Rajamouli said in an interview that the story of Amarendra Bahubali is inspired from Karna, lord Rama and also has some shades of Yudhisthira too. On the other hand, Mahendra Bahubali’s story is based on the early life of Karna and slightly Vrishaketu, son of Karna who got the kingdom of Indraprastha.

Rajamouli said that, “My all movies are in parallel with Ramayana and Mahabharata, specially the Mahabharata. The Mahendra Bahubali’s resembling Vrishaketu who had to stay away from his royal family but at the end, he got the kingdom of Indraprastha. It also takes inspiration from Karna’s teenage life. Shivudu’s foster parents are in way similar to Adhirath and Radha. Since birth, both Karna and Bahubali are divine and thus nobody can stop their curiosity as a warrior. Sivagami resembles Kunti. Amarendra Bahubali is a mix of the virtuous Rama and the ever charming hero Karna. Both Bahubali and Karna were killed through deceit unfairly. Devasena is Sita from Ramayana. Avantika is drawn in parallel with Vrushali, friend of Karna since his teenage days.”

Production[change | change source]

It is produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni under Arka Media Works. The director was S. S. Rajamouli. It was shot in Tamil and Telugu. It is about Sivudu, a young man who helps his love Avanthika rescue Devasena, the former queen of Mahishmati who is now a prisoner under the trule of king Bhallaladeva. It stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah, Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, and Nassar. It was released on July 10, 2015. The movie followed with a sequel in 2017, which was called Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Prabhas in a double role as
    • Amarendra Baahubali, the crown prince of Maahishmati (Telugu) / Maagizhmati (Tamil), nephew of Sivagami and Bijjaladeva and adored member of the kingdom
    • Mahendra Baahubali "Sivudu" (Telugu) / "Sivu" (Tamil)
  • Rana Daggubati as Bhallaaladeva Chakravarti (Telugu) / Palvaalthevan (Tamil), Baahubali's older cousin and a spoiled, arrogant prince with tyrannical aspirations for taking the throne.
  • Tamannaah as Avantika, a former resident of Kuntala, skilled combatant, and powerful member of the resistance.
  • Anushka Shetty as Devasena (Telugu) / Devasenai (Tamil), Mahendra Baahubali's biological mother, who has been tortured and imprisoned in Maahishmati (Telugu) / Maagizhmathi (Tamil).
  • Sathyaraj as Karikala Kattappa, the general of armed forces, a mentor and combat teacher to the royals of Mahishmati (Telugu) / Magizhmathi (Tamil). Despite this his status is equal to that of a servant and comes from a long line of slave warriors bound to the kingdom's monarch.
  • Nassar as Bijjaladeva (Telugu) / Pingaladevan (Tamil), the deranged older brother of Vikramadeva and rejected prince, who has a deformed left arm.
  • Ramya Krishna as Sivagaami, Bijjaladeva's wife, Bhallaaladeva Chakravarti's mother, and an established high ranking member of the royal family, who oversees the kingdom while the princes grow up

Others[change | change source]

  • Rohini as Sanga,[1] leader of the Amburi tribe and Mahendra's adoptive mother
  • Meka Ramakrishna as Jaya Varma, leader of the Kuntala rebels and Devasena's brother.
  • Tanikella Bharani as Swamiji,[2] an Amburi sage who has devoted himself to Shiva's prayer.
  • Adivi Sesh as Bhadrudu (Telugu) / Bhadra (Tamil),[3] Bhallaladeva's adoptive son, who has taken an arrogant and controlling personality alike his father.
  • Prabhakar as the Inkoshi, King of Kalkeyas,[4] who took leadership as a young boy and declares war on Mahishmati (Telugu) / Magizhmathi (Tamil) after their failed truce.
  • Sudeep as Aslam Khan,[5] an Arabian weapon's dealer who befriends Kattappa.
  • Charandeep as Inkoshi's brother
  • Teja Kakumanu as Saketudu,[6] a traitor who tells the Kalakeyas information about Mahishmati (Telugu) / Magizhmathi (Tamil)
  • Madhu Sneha Upaadhyaay as dancer in blue blouse in song "Manohari"
  • Salma Almas as dancer in blue blouse in song
  • Nora Fatehi as dancer in green blouse in song "Manohari"[7]
  • Scarlett Mellish Wilson as dancer in orange blouse in song "Manohari"[8]
  • S. S. Rajamouli, the director himself, as the spirit seller before the song "Manohari"

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