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Backergunje, or Bakarganj was a former district of British India in the Dacca division of Eastern Bengal and Assam, and is now mostly in Bangladesh. In the year 1901, the population was 2,291,752. The district was mainly flat even country with areas of bamboo and betelnut trees, and was crossed by dark-coloured and sluggish streams. There was not a hill in the whole district.

Rivers[change | change source]

The main rivers of the district were the Meghna, the Arial Khan and the Haringhata or Baleswar. The Haringhata, Baleswar, Madhumati and Garai are different names for the same river - people could travel throughout the district by boat.

People[change | change source]

There were small trading villages throughout the district, and each area had fairs to trade. The condition of the people was good, people had land and were able to grow rice to support their families, for this reason it was very hard to hire people for work.

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