Badagry festival

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Badagry festival is a yearly even which takes place in Badagry, a town in Lagos State, in Nigeria. It is planned by the African Renaissance Foundation (AREFO). The event shows the importance of the olden town during the slave trade period. It is a showcasing of culture and a display of African pride. The planner brings the native and culture-loving person's from many places of the world to come celebrate the festival. One of the most important is the physical showcasing by the masquerades, dancers, and fire eaters. It also shows football activities, the beating of Sato drum and freedom day happiness. The festival started in 1999 to celebrate the end of slave trade period and the importance of the olden city during the period. The SATO drum is a native drum usually beaten during celebrations,it is 3m tall and is played with 7sticks

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