Baghlan Province

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The location of Baghlan Province within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°N 69°E / 36°N 69°E / 36; 69Coordinates: 36°N 69°E / 36°N 69°E / 36; 69
Country Afghanistan
Capital Puli Khumri
 • Total 21,112 km2 (8,151 sq mi)
Population [1]
 • Estimate (2011-2012) 848,500
Languages Dari Persian

Baghlan (Persian/Pashto: بغلان Baġlān) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the north of the country. Its capital is Puli Khumri. The name comes from a major town in the province, Baghlan.

Demographics[change | change source]

The most people are Tajiks at 55% of the population. 20% are Pashtuns, 15% Hazaras, 9% Uzbeks, and the rest are Tatar.[2] Baghlan is also home to a small community of Ismaili Muslims of Tajik stock, led by the Sayeds of Kayan.

Economy[change | change source]

Agriculture[change | change source]

Baghlan's primary crops (as of 1974) were cotton and sugar beets. The area also produced grapes, pistachios, and pommegranates. The primary livestock are Karakul sheep.[3]

Other products[change | change source]

The province also produces silk. Coal is mined in the Karkar Valley.[3]

Districts[change | change source]

The districts of Baghlan are:

Districts of Baghlan Province
District Capital Population[1] Area[4] Notes
Andarab 24400 Sub-divided in 2005
Baghlan Annexed into Baghlani Jadid District in 2005
Baghlani Jadid 164100
Burka 50400
Dahana-I-Ghuri 56300
Dih Salah 30500 Created in 2005 within Andarab District
Dushi 64000
Farang Wa Gharu 15900 Created in 2005 within Khost Wa Fereng District
Guzargahi Nur 9700 Created in 2005 within Khost Wa Fereng District
Khinjan 29100
Khost Wa Fereng 60300 Sub-divided in 2005
Khwaja Hijran 22800 Created in 2005 within Andarab District
Nahrin 66100
Puli Hisar 26400 Created in 2005 within Andarab District
Puli Khumri 199700
Tala wa Barfak 28800

Politics[change | change source]

Governors[change | change source]

The current Governor of Baghlan is Mohammad Akbar Barakzai, appointed 2009.

References[change | change source]