Bahram V

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Bahram V, also known as: Bahram Gur - ruler of Persia from the Sassanid Empire, son of Yazdegerd I. Bahram inherited the throne at 420/421 after his father's sudden death (murder?), Reigned until 438. He waged wars with variable luck with the Christian Byzantium, he also repelled the Hephthalite invasion. Above all, however, he became famous among posterity as a ruler who loved the joys of life and was sensitive to the fate of the people.

He was called the Gur (Literally meaning: Onager), as he was keen on hunting Onagers, small animals of the equine family. He is the hero of numerous Persian and Arab legends. Omar Khayyam, Firdausi, and Hamza of Isfahan devoted his works to him. There is also quite a credible message about the origin of the Roma people associated with him[1]

Contemporary historians, however, see him as a relatively weak ruler, excessively succumbing to the clergy of Zoroastrianism and the nobility.

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