Balkan Wars

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Balkan Wars
Prilep Battle 1912 Postcard.jpg
Battle of Prilep, depicted in a Serbian postcard from 1912
Date8 October 1912 – 18 July 1913
(9 months, 1 week and 3 days)

First Balkan War:

Second Balkan War:


First Balkan War
 Ottoman Empire



First Balkan War
Balkan League:


 Russian Empire
Second Balkan War
Second Balkan War
Commanders and leaders

The Balkan Wars were a series of wars fought in the Balkan Peninsula in 1912 (First Balkan War) and 1913 (Second Balkan War).

The First Balkan War was fought by Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria (the Balkan League) against the Ottoman Empire. The main objective of the Balkan League was to annex the European territories of the Ottoman Empire, because large numbers of the people of the Balkan League lived under Ottoman rule. The war was a success and the Ottoman Empire lost almost its entire European territories.

The Second Balkan War was fought by Greece, Serbia, the Ottoman Empire and Romania against Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria felt that Greece and Serbia got more lands than they deserved, Bulgaria declared war on Greece and Serbia, which repelled the attacks. The Ottoman Empire and Romania declared war on Bulgaria, because they wanted to gain Bulgarian territories, and by the end of the Second Balkan War Bulgaria had lost almost all its gains from the First Balkan War.

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