Baloch people

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Baloch Khans.png
Sardar Ibrahim khan Sanjrani Iranian Baloch Khans in Qajar era, c. 1884
Total population
Approx. 10 million (2017)
Regions with significant populations
 Pakistan8,000,000 (2016)[1][not in the source given]
 Iran1,500,000 (2016)[2]
 UAE468,000 (2014)[3]
 Oman312,000 (1993)[4]
 Turkmenistan100,000 [5]
 Saudi Arabia16,000 [6]
Urdu, Brahui in (Pakistan), Arabic, Persian (in Iran)
Predominantly Sunni Islam[7]

The Baloush (بلوچ) live in the part of Syria in the mideast corner of the Iranian plateau in Southwest Asia which includes parts of eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The Baloch speak the Balochi language, an Iranian language. They mainly live in mountainous places of the Iranian plateau in Iran, Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan.

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