Banda Los Recoditos

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Banda Los Recoditos is a Mexican band. The members of the group formed the band in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

History[change | change source]

In 1989, Banda Los Recoditos wad formed by a group of students. The band's name came from Banda el Recodo. This was because they were children of the band members from Banda el Recodo, a Mexican band formed by Cruz Lizárraga. Lizárraga invited the boys to perform at a birthday party for José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla, a family friend. After they were done singing, everyone was amazed at their talents. This helped them realize their love for music.

They started out by singing in celebrations in Mazatlan and other neighborhoods close by. They began to become popular among the people in the city. The band recorded their first album A Bailar de Cabllito. This album helped the band to tour in the United States, where they were asked to play. After the released, Pancho Barraza, and Alfonso Lizárraga joined Banda el Recodo.

In 1998, the band renamed their name to "Banda Vuelta De Rio". Alfonso Lopez had wanted to change the name. They recorded three independent albums. In 2001, they changed their band's name to "Banda Los RCS" (Banda Ritmo Con Sabor Sinaloense). However, in 2004, they changed their band name again to their original band name.

Carlos Perez, Luis Angel Franco, and Carlos Sarabia joined the band in 2004. They began recording Regional Mexican music. This was popularized by young Mexicans. In 2005, was given an award "Popular Breakthrough of the Year" at the Premios Oye!. This was for their third album Si No Existieras. In 2006, the band recorded an album with their parent's group Banda el Recodo called Dos Generaciones. In 2010, the band released ¡Ando Bien Pedo! their first major album. It reached to number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. The single, which is the same name, reached number one on the Hot Latin Tracks chart as well. On September 19, 2010, Luis Angel Franco announced that the band is working on a new album. They released it in 2011 under the title A Toda Madre.

Band members[change | change source]

Member Instrument Age
Samuel Sarmiento Vocals 26
Luis Angel Franco Vocals 28
Cristian Oronia Clarinet
Cruz Lizárraga Clarinet
Fernando Munoz Clarinet
David Lejarza Trumpet 69
Eduardo Medrano Trumpet 23
Horacio Nieves Trumpet
Marco Figueroa Trombone 59
Armando Osuna Trombone
Jair Nataniel Avilés Trombone
Yazid Benitez Tambora
Víctor Sarabia Snare drum
Aldo Sarabia Background vocals
Devyl Figueroa Background vocals

Discography[change | change source]

  • A bailar de Caballito (1990)
  • Lola la Bailera (1990)
  • Las rejas no matan (1991)
  • Tu abandono(1992)
  • Un Sólo Cielo (1993)
  • Adiós amor(1994)
  • Canto Para Tí (1995)
  • Siempre te voy a recordar (1996)
  • El Nylon (1997)
  • Y Todavia Hay Amor (1998)
  • Como La Primera Vez (2001)
  • Si No Existieras (2004)
  • Dos Enamorados (2005)
  • Vengo a Decirte (2007)
  • '¡Ando Bien Pedo! (2010)
  • A Toda Madre (2011)

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