Banh mi

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Banh mi

Bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich. The word bánh mì literally means "bread" in Vietnamese, but it can also mean "sandwich", since sandwiches are made of bread. It often has ingredients such as herbs, meats, vegetables and sauces that are often found in Vietnam. It is a food that was created because of French influence in Vietnam. When Vietnam was part of the colony French Indochina, French colonists taught the Vietnamese how to make bread. Unlike French bread, bánh mì has rice flour in it.

History[change | change source]

In Vietnamese, bánh is a word that refers to baked goods and mì means "wheat".

Back then, wheat flour had to be imported from Europe so it was very expensive. Some people mixed it with rice flour, which was cheaper because it was made in the country. The rice flour also made the bread fluffier. This was how Vietnamese bánh mì was made.

After the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese refugees moved to other countries and opened up bánh mì shops.

Sandwich[change | change source]

A Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich is made of bread and fillings.

Meat[change | change source]

A bánh mì might have pork in it.

Vegetables[change | change source]

Picked carrot and radish, jalapeno, cucumber, and cilantro are some vegetables put into bánh mì.

Sauces[change | change source]

Some sauces put into bánh mì are mayonnaise and liver pâté.