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Flag of Barbados.svg
Total population
c. 405,000
Regions with significant populations
 Barbados 284,589 (2014)[1]
 United States65,653 (2013)[2]
 Canada37,780 (2016)[3]
 United Kingdom18,762 (2011)[4]
English (Bajan, British English, American English)
Christianity (predominantly Protestantism)
Related ethnic groups
other Caribbean people
Afro-Barbadian, Barbadian British, Barbadian American, Americo-Liberians, Barbadians in Trinidad, Barbadians in Brazil, Barbadian Canadians, African diaspora

Barbadians or Bajans are people from the Caribbean island of Barbados. They can live on Barbados or live in another country.

Diaspora[change | change source]

Many Bajans now live overseas and outside of Barbados. Most have moved to English language countries. There are some 60,000 Bajans in the United Kingdom, around 54,509 Bajans in the United States and 20,000 in Canada.

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