Barisal Division

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Barisal Division
বরিশাল বিভাগ
Map of Barisal Division
Map of Barisal Division
Coordinates: 22°30′N 90°20′E / 22.5°N 90.333°E / 22.5; 90.333Coordinates: 22°30′N 90°20′E / 22.5°N 90.333°E / 22.5; 90.333
Country  Bangladesh
Established 1797 (as Bakerganj District)
Capital Barisal city
 • Total 13,644.85 km2 (5,268.31 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 8,147,000
 • Density 597.08/km2 (1,546.42/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)

Barisal (also spelt Barisāl) is a division of south-central Bangladesh. It used to be a district called Bakerganj. It is now one of 6 divisions of Bangladesh, but before Bangladeshi independence it was formerly part of East Pakistan as a district. The town of Barisal was under the control of the Roychoudhury family, which now has moved to Calcutta.

The division has an area of 13,297 km2 and a population of 7,757,000. It is divided into the following districts:

Coordinates: 22°30′N 90°20′E