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Barisal Division

Coordinates: 22°30′N 90°20′E / 22.500°N 90.333°E / 22.500; 90.333
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Barishal Division
বরিশাল বিভাগ
Barishal Division in Bangladesh
Barishal Division in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°30′N 90°20′E / 22.500°N 90.333°E / 22.500; 90.333
Country Bangladesh
Established1797 (as Bakerganj District)
CapitalBarishal city
 • CommissionerMohammad Gaus
 • Total13,225.20 km2 (5,106.28 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total8,325,666
 • Density630/km2 (1,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)
ISO 3166 codeBD-A
Union Councils352

Barishal (also spelt Barisāl) is a division of south-central Bangladesh. It used to be a district called Bakerganj. It is now one of 6 divisions of Bangladesh, but before Bangladeshi independence it was formerly part of East Pakistan as a district. The town of Barishal was under the control of the Roychoudhury family, which now has moved to Calcutta.

History[change | change source]

British rule[change | change source]

In 1797 the area was established as Bakerganj District but later renamed as Barisal District.

Points of interest[change | change source]

Kuakata beach is the main tourist spot in the division. It is one of the two sea beaches in South Asia where both sunrise and sunset at sea can be seen.

Durga Sagor is another beautiful Dighi where a number of migratory birds arrive every winter. There are 42 upazilas in total in Barisal division: most recent upazilas are Rangabali in Patuakhali and Taltoli in Barguna.

Administrative Divisions[change | change source]

The division is subdivided into six districts (zilas) and thence into 39 sub-districts (upazilas). Lower level administrative areas are 353 union parishads, 3,159 mouzas, 12 municipalities, 25 wards and 4,163 villages.

Name Capital Area (km²) Population


Barishal District Barisal 2,784.52 2,324,310
Barguna District Barguna 1,831.31 892,781
Bhola District Bhola 3,403.48 1,776,795
Jhalokati District Jhalokati 706.76 682,669
Patuakhali District Patuakhali 3,221.31 1,535,854
Pirojpur District Pirojpur 1,277.80 1,113,257
Total Division Barishal 13,255.20 8,325,666