Barney and the Backyard Gang

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Barney and the Backyard Gang (also known as Barney) is an American live action animated series that aired from August 29, 1988 to August 1, 1991. It started as a series of home videos and then in 1991, Barney and Friends began production. The home videos were filmed in Allen, Texas in the 80s to Dallas, Texas in the 90s. In 1991, Barney and The Backyard Gang performed at The Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Texas. The Backyard Gang kids are Michael, Amy, Lucy, Tina, Jason, (replaced by Derek) and Adam (replaced by Jeffrey in one (episode).

The show aired on Disney Channel for it's Music Box Program in 1990 and the concert special aired on PBS part of the Barney & Friends: Family Marathon in 1993.

Episodes[change | change source]

Depressed that they are not going to the beach, Barney helps the Backyard Gang with an imagination adventure to the beach.
The Backyard Show
Since it is Michael and Amy's father's birthday, they try to put on a show for their Dad and Barney guides them along the way.
Three Wishes
The Backyard Gang are bored and have nothing to do, so Barney takes them to a playground and Jason is unhappy. So at the end they go to a farm and meet lots of animals.
Waiting for Santa
A new member of the Backyard Gang is sad, because he thinks Santa doesn't know his new address, so Barney and the Backyard Gang try to prove that he is known by Santa.
Campfire Sing Along
Barney takes the Backyard Gang camping in the forest.
Barney Goes to School
Tina shows Barney and the Backyard Gang her impressive school and they go to have fun there.

The Neiman Marcus & PBS Era[change | change source]

Barney in Concert
Barney and the Backyard Gang come to perform at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas with Baby Bop and sing some pretty impressive songs.
Rock with Barney
Barney and the Backyard Gang explore a movie studio.