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A bassist is a musician whose musical instrument is a bass guitar or a double bass. In rock, pop, country, metal, jazz fusion, and funk music, most bassists play a bass guitar. In some types of jazz, and in rockabilly, bluegrass, and in symphony orchestras, bassists play a double bass.

Training[change | change source]

Many professional rock, pop, country, metal, and funk, rockabilly, and bluegrass, bassists learn to play by performing in groups for many years and by taking private lessons with bass teachers.

Bassists who play in symphony orchestras, or who play jazz or jazz fusion often learn to play the bass in a conservatory, music school, college, or university. College or university degrees in double bass include the Bachelor of Music degree (which takes four years) and the Master of Music degree (which takes two years).

There are fewer Bass players than traditional guitar players. Some believe the bass is harder to play, although it has fewer strings

Income[change | change source]

Bassists, like other musicians, have a much lower average income than many other job categories, such as accountants or administrators. Although a tiny number of famous bassists make a large amount of money, and a small number of bassists have full-time jobs in bands or orchestras, most bassists have low incomes. Many bassists do not earn enough from playing, so they do other music-related jobs, such as teaching bass.