Battle of Cervera

Coordinates: 41°54′N 3°28′W / 41.900°N 3.467°W / 41.900; -3.467
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Battle of Cervera
Part of the Reconquista
Date29 July 1000
Near Espinosa de Cervera, County of Castile, Kingdom of León (present-day Province of Burgos, Castile and León, Spain)
Result Córdoba Caliphate victory

Kingdom of León

Kingdom of Pamplona
Caliphate of Córdoba
Commanders and leaders
Sancho García
García Gómez
Casualties and losses
heavy +700

The Battle of Cervera was near Espinosa de Cervera, Spain on 29 July 1000.[1] The battle was with two armies. The first was the Christian troops. They were controlled by Sancho García of Castile and García Gómez of Saldaña. The second army was the Muslim Caliphate of Córdoba under the hijab Almanzor. The battle was written "tremendous and difficult to describe".[2] Almanzor won.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Determined from Monday, six days before the end of Saban, 390 AH, as recorded by Ibn al-Khatib, see Martínez Díez, 567.
  2. The words are Ibn al-Khatib's, quoted in Martínez Díez, 566: "En fin, fue una batalla tremenda y difícil de describir."

References[change | change source]

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41°54′N 3°28′W / 41.900°N 3.467°W / 41.900; -3.467