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Battle of Dewair

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Battle of Dewair held between Maharana Pratap Singh and Akbar in 1582. In this battle Maharana Pratap Singh got one sided victory. Where Mughal army surrendered in front of Maharana Pratap Singh.

Battle of Dewair (1582)
Part of Mughal–Rajput Wars
Dewair,40 kms from kumbhalgarh
Result Rajputana Victory.[1]
36 outposts around Dewair captured.[2]
Kingdom of Mewar Mughal Empire
Commanders and leaders
Maharana Pratap
Amar Singh I

Sultan Khan +
Shahbaz Khan

Bahlol khan +

40,000 cavalrymen along with bhills

Unknown number of war elephants [3]
1,00,000—1,25,000 men along with war elephants and muskeeters[4]
Casualties and losses
15,000—20,000 men 64,000—80,000 men
36000 Mughal soldiers surrendered to Pratap.[5]

The Battle of Dewair[6] was a conflict that began on the day of Vijayadashami (Dussehra) in 1582. Maharana was confident with his strategy of taking on the Mughals and regain lost territory. He divided his army into two groups; one unit was led by himself, while the other was led by his son, Amar Singh. In the war, the Mughal army was led by Akbar’s uncle, Sultan Khan[7]. Maharana and his army attacked the Mughal outpost in the village of Dewair, which was situated approximately 40 km northeast of Kumbhalgarh.[8][9][10] The attack led by the rana's army made the mughal soldiers panicked and scattered, Rana amar singh killed Sultan khan along with his horse by just a powerful blow of his spear, the war was ended in the downfall of mughals and the victory of Pratap thus, 36,000 survived mughal troops surrendered to Pratap[11]

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