Battle of Falkirk

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Battle of Falkirk
Part of the First War of Scottish Independence
The Bishop of Durham's Charge at Falkirk.jpg
A British illustration of Antony Bek's charge
Date22 July 1298
Result English victory
Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg Kingdom of Scotland Royal Arms of England.svg Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
WallaceSeal.png William Wallace
Arms of John Stewart of Bonkyll (d. 1298).svg John of Bonkyll 
John de Graeme 
Macduff of Fife 
Royal Arms of England.svg Edward I of England

6,000 men

15,000 men[2]

Casualties and losses
Around 2,000 killed[4] 2,000 killed[5]

The Battle of Falkirk (Blàr na h-Eaglaise Brice in Scottish Gaelic) was a battle that occurred on the 22nd of July 1298. It is considered one of the major (most important) battles of the First Scottish War of Independence. In it,the English Army beat the Scottish Army.

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