Battle of Killdeer Mountain

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Battle of Killdeer Mountain
Part of Sioux Wars, American Civil War
Killdeer Mountain.png
Killdeer Mountain battlefield
DateJuly 28 (1864-07-28)–29, 1864 (1864-07-30)
Result United States victory
United States of America Lakota, Yanktonai, Santee Dakota
Commanders and leaders
Alfred Sully Gall
Sitting Bull
2,200[1] 1,600 or more
Casualties and losses
5 dead, 10 wounded.[2] 31-150 dead

The Battle of Killdeer Mountain (also known as the Battle of Tahkahokuty Mountain) took place during Brigadier General Alfred Sully's expedition against the Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory July 28–29, 1864. The location of the battleground is in modern Dunn County, North Dakota.

Results[change | change source]

Around 100 Native American warriors were killed in the conflict, whilst only 2 of Alfred Sully's were killed.[3]

References[change | change source]

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