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Battle of the Svatove–Kreminna line

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Battle of the Svatove-Kreminna line
Part of the Battle of Donbas of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.svg
Date2 October 2022 – present
(1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks and 2 days)
Between Svatove and Kreminna along the P66 Highway, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine
Status Ongoing
Commanders and leaders
Russia Roman Berdnikov
Russia Aleksandr Lapin
Russia Valery Gerasimov
Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi
Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi
Units involved

 Russian Armed Forces

 Ukrainian Armed Forces

~15,300 ~15,800
Casualties and losses
Ukrainian claim:
2,500+ killed, 300+ wounded (up to 16 November)[4]
21 captured (7 November only)[5]
Unknown, presumed heavy

The Battle of the Svatove–Kreminna line[6][7][8] is an ongoing battle (as of 2023's third quarter) between Russia and Ukraine. It is being fought in Eastern Ukraine. It is along a frontline running from the city of Svatove to the city of Kreminna. The battle started on 2 October 2022. It started a day after the Ukrainian Army took back the nearby city of Lyman.

Background[change | change source]

Kreminna was the first city to fall during the Donbas Offensive that was announced by Russia on April 18, 2022.[9] Svatove fell on 6 March during Eastern Ukraine campaign.

Battle[change | change source]

On the night of 27–28 September, Ukrainian soldiers went across the Siverskyi Donets River in Dronivka. They took the Siverskyi Donets Forest Park and blocked the important Kreminna-Torske road.[10] Russian soldiers retreating from Lyman after the second battle for the town went to fortify Kreminna.[11]

On 2 October, Ukrainian soldiers began bombarding the Russians in Kreminna. The Ukrainians took land up to the R-66 highway. Russian soldiers put land mines on every road between Kreminna and Svatove to defeat Ukrainian attacks.[12] Between 2 and 13 October, Ukrainian soldiers captured 14 towns and villages along the Kharkiv-Luhansk border. The largest of the towns captured is Borova. Ukrainian soldiers also went towards Chervonopopivka on the Svatove-Kreminna highway. However, they were pushed back from there by October 5.[13][14][15][16][17][18] Two more villages were taken by Ukrainian soldiers on 24 October.[19]

Neither side took much territory during November. Still, there were many battles going on every day.

On the night of 2 November, Ukrainian sources claimed to have destroyed a Russian battalion near the town of Makiivka, in Svatove Raion. According to a Russian survivor of the attack, out of the 570 soldiers in his unit, 29 survived, 12 were wounded, and the other 529 men had been killed.[20][21]

By early December, Ukraine had moved forward to the hills west of Chervonopopivka.[22] In early December, Ukrainian soldiers broke through Russian lines near Chervonopopivka. Fighting was mostly west of the R-66 highway between Kreminna and Svatove.[22][23][24]

In December, many battles started along the line. Both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers made daily attacks.[25] On 18 December, a video showed Ukrainian soldiers moving forward in the Serebryansky forest south of Kreminna.[26] On 26 December, Luhansk Oblast governor Serhiy Haidai said that fighting was happening near Kreminna. The Russian command there moved to Rubizhne during the fighting.[27]

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