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Beeran Gali
Berin Gali is in Abbottabad district.
Berin Gali is in Abbottabad district.
Coordinates: 34°11′40″N 73°21′50″E / 34.19444°N 73.36389°E / 34.19444; 73.36389Coordinates: 34°11′40″N 73°21′50″E / 34.19444°N 73.36389°E / 34.19444; 73.36389
Country Pakistan
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
 • NazimSardar Lal Khan Anwar[1]
 • Naib NazimSardar Muhammad Iqbal Khan
 • Total12,329

Beeran Gali (also known as 'Berin Gali' or 'Baran Gali') is a Union Council of Abbottabad District, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[2]

History[change | change source]

This area used to be called Baad Burhan and is mentioned by Al Biruni in his famous book Ta'rikh al-Hind, The Chronicles of India, from 1030. Al Biruni describes Baad Burhan as a beautiful area.[source?]

Land[change | change source]

The area is between two mountains, Thandiani and Miranjani. It is at 34°11'40N 73°21'50E and has an average elevation of 2176 metres (7142 feet) above sea-level.[3]

Subdivisions[change | change source]

The Union Council is made up of the following areas: Andarseri, Beerangali and Jhafar.[4]

People[change | change source]

Its population numbers about 12,300.[5] The two main tribes are the Karlal or 'Kiraal' and the Quraishi.

References[change | change source]