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Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

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The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is an orchestra based in Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded in 1923. Its founder was Stevan Hristić, one of the most important Serbian composers and conductors. The first concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra took place on April 28, 1923 with Hristić conducting.

The orchestra was the best orchestra in Yugoslavia. By the 1960s it had become one of the best orchestras in Europe. Then, during the 1990s there were wars in the areas which made up Yugoslavia. For a time the orchestra were not allowed to play abroad. It was a difficult time for them, and many players left.

In 2000, with Belgrade now the capital city of Serbia, the orchestra was built up again. Many new players from other countries joined the orchestra, most of them were young. Their concert hall was rebuilt. They have worked with famous people such as Zubin Mehta, Sarah Chang and Nigel Kennedy.

However, the orchestra are facing difficult times again. They need more money. In 2009 they advertised in the city's newspapers that they were available to play at weddings, funerals, baptisms, divorces and saints' days.[1] Some people thought the advertisement was not the right thing for the orchestra to do, but it has attracted support from many young people.

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