Beny Esguerra

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Beny Esguerra
Ruben Beny Esguerra.jpg
Background information
Also known asRuben Beny Esguerra
BornBogota, Colombia
GenresConscious hip hop, latin urban music
Occupation(s)Musician, poet, arts educator
Years active1990-present

Ruben Beny Esguerra is a Canadian musical artist and poet based in Toronto, Canada.[1][2] Esguerra was nominated for the 2018 JUNO Awards in the World Music Album of the Year category.[3][4]

Career[change | change source]

Beny was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Toronto, Canada in the late 80s where he began his music career at a young age attending an arts High School and studying music at York University.[5][6] In the 90s, he joined an Afro-Colombian music orchestra. In 2008, he participated in a national poetry event The CBC Poetry Festival organized by the CBC, and has performed a spoken word piece for the former Governor General Michaëlle Jean.[7] Beny has been working as an arts educator at York University and Ryerson University.[8] Beny is also known for organizing workshops for Ontario Arts Council's Artist in Education Program.[9][10] In 2012, Beny launched his debut album entitled: A New Tradition.[11] Later in 2016, he released his sophomore album entitled: A New Tradition VOL 2: Return of the KUISi.[12]

Beny holds a PhD (ABD) in Musicology, specializing in Latin American traditional and urban music.[13]

Discography[change | change source]

Year Album Genre Credit
2016 A New Tradition Vol. 2: Return of the KUISi[14] Hip-hop, instrumental Various artists Independent
2012 A New Tradition[15][16][17] Spoken word, hip hop Various artists Independent

Recognition[change | change source]

  • JUNO Awards nomination for World Music Album of the Year, 2018[18]

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