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Best of My Love (Eagles song)

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"Best of My Love" is a soft rock song from the Eagles. The song was part of the studio album On the Border. It was released in November 1974. It was the third single from the album. It was the Eagles' first #1 song on the United States Billboard Hot 100. It became so in March 1975.

The song was also at the top of the easy listening chart for one week in February 1975. The Billboard Year End Charts ranked "Best of My Love" at #12 for 1975.[1] It sold over a million copies.

The single edit was shortened by Asylum Records. The record company shortened the single, so that it would be more radio-friendly, without the Eagles' knowledge. This made them angry. Don Henley wanted the single pulled from stores. The full song is four minutes and thirty four seconds.

When the song was judged to have sold over a million copies, Eagles' manager, Irving Azoff, sent a gold record with a piece cut-out to Asylum Records.

The song was later remade by the country music group Brooks & Dunn in 1993.

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