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Beyond is an album by the American alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. It was released in April 2007. It was the band's first album since 1997's Hand it Over. It was the first album since 1988's Bug to have all of the band's original members. The album is in the usual Dinosaur Jr style of very loud guitars with many skillful guitar solos. The album has been successful. It is generally well thought of by music critics.[source?]

Songs on the Album[change | change source]

  1. "Almost Ready"
  2. "Crumble"
  3. "Pick Me Up"
  4. "Back to Your Heart"
  5. "This Is All I Can Do"
  6. "Been There All the Time"
  7. "It's Me"
  8. "We're Not Alone"
  9. "I Got Lost"
  10. "Lightning Bulb"
  11. "What If I knew"