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Directed by Prashast Singh
Produced by Prashast Singh
Screenplay by Prashast Singh
Story by Prashast Singh
Starring Prashast Singh
Music by Prashast Singh
Cinematography Prashast Singh
Editing by Prashast Singh
Release date(s)30 October 2016 (2016-10-30)[1]
Running time 58 minutes
45 minutes (shorter version)
Country India
Language Hindi

Bhaiyyajaan (English: The Brother) is a 2016 Indian action[2] film written and directed by Prashast Singh, starring Prashast himself in the lead titular role.[3] The film revolves around an independent filmmaker who decides to hunt down the person behind leaking his film online before its theatrical release. It is made to spread awareness regarding anti piracy of films, and for encouraging it as well.[4] It also happens to be the first Prashast Singh film to feature songs. Shot between 12 August to 14 August 2016, the film also happens to be his first to release with English subtitles.[5]

The film was scheduled for a theatrical release[6][7] but due to technical problems the idea was dropped. The maker of the film, Prashast Singh feared that if he would ever send it for Censor certification, the board won't approve it uncut with a UA certificate due to strong violence. It would have rather recommended an A certificate due to only a few seconds of strong violence. Though he was prepared for making cuts to receive a UA, he decided to leave the idea of releasing it theatrically and thought of better releasing it online with English subtitles.[8]

Bhaiyyajaan was released digitally with English subtitles on 30 October 2016. It was released in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan via Amazon Instant Video in the year 2017, with subtitles.[9][10] A shorter version titled Bhaiyyajaan: The Dark Cut was also released digitally on 21 April 2017.

Plot[change | change source]

Vikas Kumar or Bhaiyyajaan (Prashast Singh) is an independent filmmaker who interrogates a man about how and why he got his film leaked, giving him various reasons for not having done so. Upon getting no reply, he crushes the man's finger with a stapler and beats him down. Later, he types a message to the actual person behind this under the name of Guna. While his work goes on, a police officer starts paying visit to his house almost on a regular basis, suspecting him of having kidnapped and killed the criminals. Vikas easily manages to avoid getting pinpointed and continues his work to catch the real conspirator. Then some light is thrown on his past: how a strange man entered, copied his film from his laptop and even injured Vikas with a hammer on his head when the latter attempted to stop him.

Vikas keeps remembering how good his life was when piracy didn't strike him. Another flashback shows how the news of his film's piracy spread like fire in the news, eventually ruining its essence apart from the distributor's resulting in backing off from the film's distribution. This fuels Vikas's rage and he decides to become a vigilante with a mission to not just destroy the conspirator but also to not let him ruin anyone else's films, ever.

Back to present, Vikas plays a tricky game with the distributor, eventually making him agree to distribute his next film. Now aware of Vikas's plan and surprisingly hiding in the former's house since long, the conspirator finally shows up and tries to strangulate Vikas with a USB cable. A major fight ensues in which Vikas further gets stabbed in his chest and faints, but soon wakes up and manages to stab the conspirator deep into his chest. Before raising a wooden scale, Vikas asks the conspirator one last time "Why did you leak my film?" He continues to speak his heart out about his views on film piracy and his struggles as an independent filmmaker. But getting no answer, Vikas finds it unable to control himself and ends up killing the conspirator brutally with the wooden scale by hitting him very hard on his head, multiple times.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Prashast Singh as Vikas Kumar/Bhaiyyajaan/Conspirator

Soundtrack[change | change source]

Prashast Singh himself composed the music for the film.[11]

Track listing
No. TitleLyricsArtist(s) Length
1. "Taara"  Prashast SinghPrashast Singh 5:05
2. "Maine Yeh Suna Tha"  Prashast SinghPrashast Singh 2:28
Total length:

Release[change | change source]

Bhaiyyajaan released on 30 October 2016.

Reception[change | change source]

AskOpinion rated the film 3.5/5 stars.[12]

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