Bhim Singh Thapa

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Umarao Bagh
Bhim Singh Thapa
NicknameBagh Buda
DiedV.S. 1819
Palanchowk, Nepal
Years of service??-1819
Battles/warsBattles of Unification of Nepal
RelationsRanajor Thapa (grandson)
Ranadhoj Thapa (grandson)
Narasingh Thapa (grandson)

Bhim Singh Thapa known popularly as Bagh Buda (Translation: Tiger oldie) was a Nepalese military officer. He commanded the battle of Palanchowk in 1959 AD. He died in the battle.[1] After his death, his 11-year-old son Amar Singh Thapa was installed in the army under Marwat policy. He was known for his fighting prowess. He was awarded the personal title of Bagh, which literally means tiger.

Family[change | change source]

He was born to Ranajay (Ranjai) Thapa, a resident of Sirhanchowk, Gorkha.[2] He was born in the warrior clan of Bagale Thapa.[1] His son was the famous Nepalese military commander Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa.[2]

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