Bhisadej Rajani

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Bhisadej Rajani
Prince of Thailand
Born (1922-01-20) 20 January 1922 (age 99)
Bangkok, Siam
SpouseDajriraj Vorawan
IssueDajrabimala Rajani
Bhavari Rajani
Dhiradej Rajani
Full name
His Serene Highness Prince (Mom Chao)
Bhisadej Rajani: 20 January 1922 – present
HouseRajani family (Chakri Dynasty)
FatherPrince Rajani Chamcharas, the Prince Bidyalongkorn
MotherBarabimalabanna Voravan

Bhisadej Rajani (Thai: ภีศเดช รัชนี; RTGS: Phisadet Ratchani; born 20 January 1922) is a Prince of Thailand. He is a member of the Thai royal family, and a member of the House of Rajani. He is one of the longest-living royal personages in the Thai history.

He was a close-friend of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He is an author and worked as the directory of the Royal Project Foundation for the king.[1] He is also a descendant of Siamese Vice-King Pinklao.

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