Bhojpuri Language

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भोजपुरी  • 𑂦𑂷𑂔𑂣𑂳𑂩𑂲
Bhojpuri word in devanagari script.jpg
The word "Bhojpuri" in Kaithi and Devanagari script
Native toIndia and Nepal
Native speakers
51 million, partial count (2011 census)[1]
(additional speakers counted under Hindi)
  • Northern (Gorakhpuri, Sarawaria, Basti, Padrauna)
  • Western (Purbi, Benarsi)
  • Southern (Kharwari)
  • Nagpuria (Sadari)
  • Tharu Bhojpuri
  • Madheshi
  • Domra
  • Musahari
  • Caribbean Hindustani
     · Trinidadian Hindustani
    (Trinidadian Bhojpuri,
    Plantation Hindustani,
    Gaon ke Bolee)
     · Guyanese Hindustani
    (Aili Gaili)
     · Sarnami Hindoestani
  • Fiji Hindi
  • Mauritian Bhojpuri
  • South African Bhojpuri (Naitali)[2]
Official status
Official language in
 Fiji (as the Fiji Hindi language)
Recognised minority
language in
 India (as a second language in Jharkhand)[3]
Language codes
ISO 639-2bho
ISO 639-3bhoinclusive code
Individual codes:
hns – Caribbean Hindustani
hif – Fiji Hindi
Bhojpuri Speaking Region in India.png
Bhojpuri-speaking region in India
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Bhojpuri Language is a language which is spoken in northern-eastern India and Terai of Nepal. It is mainly spoken in western Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.This language is written in Devanagari.[5]

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