Bilabial consonant

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Bilabials or Bilabial consonants are a type of sound in the group of labial consonants that are made with both lips (bilabial) and by partially stopping the air coming from the mouth when the sound is pronounced (consonant).

There are eight bilabial consonants used in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

IPA Name Example
Language Word Word Sound in IPA Meaning
Xsampa-m.png bilabial nasal English man [mæn] man
Xsampa-p.png voiceless bilabial plosive English spin [spɪn] spin
Xsampa-b.png voiced bilabial plosive English bed [bɛd] bed
Xsampa-pslash.png voiceless bilabial fricative Japanese 富士山 (fujisan) [ɸuʑisaɴ] Mount Fuji
Xsampa-B2.png voiced bilabial fricative Ewe ɛʋɛ [ɛ̀βɛ̀] Ewe
IPA-voiced bilabial approximant.png bilabial approximant Spanish lobo [loβ̞o] wolf
Xsampa-Bslash.png bilabial trill
Xsampa-Oslash.png bilabial click Nǀu ʘoe [ʘoe] meat