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This birdbox is on a pine tree.

A birdbox is a human-made, usually wooden box used as a house for birds. It is suitable as a bird home because it is similar to a natural bird home, such as a hollow tree, and birds often make nests inside birdboxes. Birdboxes are often put on trees. They are often made by people who are fond of birds, but they are also useful for studying birds. For domesticated birds, birdboxes are often used for breeding.

Most birdboxes feature a simple design with of six planks ordered in a cube, with a hole in a wall where birds can go in and out. Common additions include a small stick outside the hole on which birds can sit on, and a sloping roof to make rainwater run off. Some can however be highly detailed and decorated, depending on the maker's preferences. They can also be made from things like logs or gourds. They come in many sizes, depending on the size of the bird type the box is made for. Most birdboxes are small, but some, such as ones made for owls or parrots, can be quite large.

Although birdboxes are intended for birds, many other animals can inhabit them as well. Examples include bees that make beehives inside them, and squirrels.

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A tree swallow sticking its head into a birdbox to feed its young.