Black-knobbed map turtle

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Black-knobbed map turtle
Black-knobbed map turtle hatchlings
Scientific classification
G. nigrinoda
Binomial name
Graptemys nigrinoda
Cagle, 1954
  • G. n. nigrinoda Cagle, 1954 – Black-knobbed Map Turtle
  • G. n. delticola Folkerts & Mount, 1969 – Delta Map Turtle[1]
Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda
  • Graptemys nigrinoda Cagle, 1954
  • Graptemys oculifera nigrinoda Mertens & Wermuth, 1955
  • Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda Folkerts & Mount, 1969
  • Malaclemys nigrinoda Cochran & Goin, 1970
Graptemys nigrinoda delticola
  • Graptemys nigrinoda delticola Folkerts & Mount, 1969

The black-knobbed map turtle (Graptemys nigrinoda) is a species of aquatic turtles. Their skin is light gray and have spikes on their shell.[3] They are part of the Graptemys genus and were once called the black-knobbed sawback turtle. They live in rivers in the Mobile Bay in Alabama and Mississippi.[4]

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