Blackcomb Peak

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Blackcomb Peak
Blackcomb Mountain-2007.jpg
Blackcomb Mountain in 2007
Highest point
Elevation2,436 m (7,992 ft)[1]
Prominence86 m (282 ft)[1]
Coordinates50°04′53″N 122°52′15″W / 50.08139°N 122.87083°W / 50.08139; -122.87083Coordinates: 50°04′53″N 122°52′15″W / 50.08139°N 122.87083°W / 50.08139; -122.87083[1]
LocationWhistler, British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeFitzsimmons Range
Topo mapNTC 92J/02
First ascent1923 Phyllis Munday, Don Munday[1]
Easiest routeclass 3

Blackcomb Peak is a mountain near the east of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It is the boundary between the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort and the Garibaldi Provincial Park. The slopes were host to the sliding sports during the 2010 Winter Olympics.[1] There is a memorial ice axe bolted to the rocks just below the summit to honour extreme skier Trevor Peterson.[1]

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