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Developer(s)Eric "Badspot" Hartman, Ben Garney
Publisher(s)Blockland LLC
Designer(s)Eric "Badspot" Hartman
EngineTorque Game Engine
Platform(s)PC, GNU/Linux, Macintosh
ReleaseFebruary 24, 2007
Mode(s)Single-player, online and LAN multiplayer

Blockland is a multiplayer computer game made on the Torque Game Engine, where people make things using blocks. Blockland has around 35,500 players.[1] People could build up to 128,000 bricks on every server to keep the game running best.

In 2009, Lego were talking to Eric "Badspot" Hartman about selling Blockland. It has been talked about by The Screen Savers[2] and Shack News.[3] In 2005, when Blockland was in beta, Blockland was on an article on Globe and Mail in which Eric says 20,000 people downloaded Blockland in the ten days since it "became big".[source?] Right now, the full game costs $20.

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