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Bloods Range (or Blood's Range) is a mountain range in central Australia. It stretches roughly east to west across the border between the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It consists of several sets of hills, separated by valleys; the two main valleys are formed by the Hull and Docker Rivers. There are numerous ravines and gorges all throughout the hills. Bloods Range connects with the Petermann Ranges at its western end. In the centre are Mounts Harris (840 m) and Carruthers (1000 m), which are the highest peaks. Further east, the range splits into several branches, including the Rowley Range, McNichol's Range and the Pinyinna Range.[1]

Bloods Range was given its name on 14 March 1874 by the explorer Ernest Giles, when he saw it from the top of Mount Curdie. He named it after the owner of an early pastoral station in South Australia, whose surname was "Blood".[2] On 12 June 1889, Giles' second-in-command, W. H. Tietkins, returned on his own expedition and surveyed the range.[3] He named the two highest peaks Mount Harris and Mount Carruthers. From the top of Mount Harris, he wrote that he could see Kata Tjuṯa, the Petermann Ranges and the Tomkinson Ranges.[4][5]

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