Bog turtle

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A bog turtle (note orange blotch on head/neck)

The bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) is a turtle found only in the eastern United States (northeast and Appalachian Mountains). It is the smallest North American turtle. It measures about 10 centimetres (3.9 in) long when fully grown. Bog turtles are threatened from loss of habitat and collection as pets.[1]

Appearance[change | change source]

It looks similar to the painted or spotted turtles. But it is more closely related to the larger wood turtle.[2] The bog turtle is identified by the yellow or orange spot on each side of its head and neck.[3]

Habitat[change | change source]

The bog turtle lives in bogs and other wetlands. They are a rare and endangered species.[2] It mostly eats insects and their larva.[1] It is unknown how long they live in the wild. In captivity they live up to 30 years.[2]

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