Bohemian Forest

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Bohemian Forest
Großer Arber (Velký Javor)
Highest point
PeakGroßer Arber
Elevation1,456 m above NN
Length100 km (62 mi)
Native name[Böhmerwald (German)
Šumava (Czech)] Error: {{Native name}}: missing language tag (help)  (language?)
Topo boehmerwald engleder.jpg
Topography of Bohemian Forest Mts. - CZ, D, A
CountriesGermany, Czech Republic and Austria
Range coordinates49°06′45″N 13°08′09″E / 49.1125°N 13.1359°E / 49.1125; 13.1359Coordinates: 49°06′45″N 13°08′09″E / 49.1125°N 13.1359°E / 49.1125; 13.1359
Čertovo jezero (Devil's Lake)
Czech Ski Resort at Šumava

The Bohemian Forest is a mountain range in Central Europe. It extends from the Czech Republic to Austria and Germany.