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Boinpalle or Boinpalli is a village and a mandal in India. It is in Karimnagar district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is 28 kilometres from the district capital.

Drought is common in this area. Many people from this area migrate to Gulf countries to find jobs as unskilled labourers. Agriculture is the primary industry in this area. Main crops are cotton and maize. Rice is the secondary crop.

The mandal of Boinpalle has 18 village panchayats.

  1. Ralla Ramannapeta
  2. Rathnampet (population 1200)
  3. Deshai palli
  4. Vardavelli
  5. Kodurupaka
  6. Vilasagar
  7. Korem
  8. Marlapeta
  9. Tadagonda
  10. Venkatrao palli
  11. Anantha pally
  12. Burgu palli
  13. Mallapur
  14. Manvada
  15. Neelogipalli
  16. Rajannapeta
  17. Kothapeta
  18. Narsingapur