Bonde da Stronda

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Bonde da Stronda
OriginRio de Janeiro,Brasil
GenresHip Hop, Pop, Funk
Years active2006–present
LabelsGalerão Records
MembersMr. Thug(2006–present)
Léo Stronda(2006–present)
Past member(s)Mc Cot(2006-2007)
Mc Night (2006–2008)
WebsiteOfficial website

Bonde da Stronda is an hip hop duo formed in 2006 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Mr. Thug and Léo Stronda. Their music shows the reality of their day-to-day, talking about girls, partying, dating, love and sex.[1] They released their debut album, Nova Era da Stronda, in August 9, 2009.

History[change | change source]

Bonde da Stronda started in November 2006. It was formed by Mr.Thug (Diego Villanueva), Léo Stronda (Leonardo Schulz), Mc Cot (Marcus Vinicius ) and Mc Night (Patrick Lopes). They started with home recordings and with the independent release of the songs on the internet. They were recognized by the media. Mc Cot left the group in 2007. Soon after in 2008 Mc Night also left. Mc Night was on the album "Stronda Style". Mc Cot was in a few songs but did not come to participate in any album.[2]

In 2009, they did a remake of the 80's "Tic Tic Nervoso" of Kid Vinil. This song was on the soundtrack to the soap opera Malhação. Later in 2009 they released the album "Nova Era da Stronda".[3] In 2011 released the album "A Profecia". On July 4, 2012 released their new work, the mixtape "Corporação".[4]

Albums[change | change source]

Date of Release Title Label
2008 Stronda Style Independent
2009 Nova Era da Stronda Galerão Records
2011 A Profecia Galerão Records
2012 Corporação Galerão Records

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