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The original Bop It, released in 1996.

Bop It is a series of toys made by Hasbro.[1][2] They are audio games. The aim of the game is to respond quickly to the commands that are produced through the game's speakers. There are several responses, including pull handles, twisting cranks, spin-able wheels, toggle switches. Each command requires a different response. A beat is played during the game and the beat will get faster as the player scores more points. Bop It has been very popular as a children's game.[3]

The game was designed by Dan Klistner.[4][5] The design was developed by several Hasbro designers, including Bob Welch.[4] There have been several versions. The original version was released in 1996.[6] The current classic version was released in 2008. It was demonstrated at the London Toy Fair in 2009.[7]

Since 2008 when Hasbro re-made the toy, the voice in the games has been Buddy Rubino. He has recorded the voice for Bop It!, Bop It! XT, Bop It! Smash! and Bop It! Tetris.[8]


Current models
  • Bop It! (2008)[9]
  • Bop It! Bounce (2009)[10]
  • Bop It! XT (2010)[11]
  • Bop It! Smash (2012)
  • Bop It! Tetris (2013)
  • Bop It! Beats (2014)[12]
  • Bop It! Micro (2014)
  • Bop It! R2D2 (2015)
  • Bop It! 2016 (2016)[13]
No longer made
  • Bop It (1996)
  • Bop It Extreme (1998)[14]
  • Bop It Extreme 2 (2002)[15]
  • Bratz Bop It (2004), a Bratz version[16]
  • Bop It Blast (2005)[17]
  • Bop It Download (2006)[18]

Zing It

Zing It is a yo-yo version of Bop It. It tells commands that the player must follow along with. Like the original Bop It, there are three commands that may be said: "Bop it!" (requiring the player to press the purple button), "Zing it!" (requiring the player to drop the yo-yo downward and send it back up again), and "Loop it!" (requiring the player to do the "'round the world" yo-yo trick). Zing It has 3 modes: "Vox Bop" (as with Bop It), "Beat Bop" (again, as with Bop It), and "Vox Bop Challenge" (where the game will tell a series of commands which must be done in correctly). As with Bop It and Bop It Extreme, Zing It announces the score musically by sound effects. Different tones represent different point values. There is a maximum score of 250.

Video games

In 2009, EA Games made a video game called Hasbro Family Games Night 2. It had Bop It as one of the games that could be played. It is available for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii.[19] In 2011, EA Games made an iPhone application which played exactly like the handheld game. It has the same commands from the handheld games and added extra commands which were never invented on the handheld game.[20]


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