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Aquarium (Аквариум)
Aquarium 2004-12-12 live in Mannheim.jpg
Aquarium live (2004)
Background information
OriginUSSR, Russia
GenresFolk rock, Reggae, Fusion, other subgenres
Years active1972–present
LabelsMagnitizdat by Andrei Tropillo, Melodia, Solyd, Soyuz
Boris Grebenshchikov (vocals, guitars),
Sergey Kuryokhin (keyboards, piano),
and many others

Aquarium (Аква́риум in Russian) is a Russian rock band. It was formed in Leningrad in 1972 by Boris Grebenshchikov and Anatoly "George" Gunitsky.

Until 1987 Aquarium recorded all of their albums in a self-assembled underground studio. Despite those hard conditions, the recording quality was rather high and Aquarium's albums between 1980 and 1987 are considered by most fans as their best.

In 1987 they recorded their first album for the state-owned Melodiya record label. With official backing and legalized distribution the album was a hit in USSR, selling well over a million copies within a few months. Aquarium today consists of Boris Grebenshchikov, Boris Rubekin (keyboards), Andrey Surotdinov (violin), Igor Timofeyev (guitars, saxophones and flutes), Andrey Svetlov (bass), Oleg "Shar" Shavkunov (drums and percussion).

Discography[change | change source]

Studio albums:

  • Sinii Albom (The Blue Album), 1981
  • Treugolnik (Triangle), 1981
  • Elektrichestvo (Electricity): History of Aquarium, Vol. 2, 1981
  • Akustika (Acoustics): History of Aquarium, Vol. 1, 1982
  • Tabu (Taboo), 1982
  • Radio Africa, 1983
  • Ikhtiologia (Ichthyology), 1984
  • Den’ Serebra (The Day of Silver), 1984
  • Deti Dekabrya (The Children of December), 1985
  • Desyat’ Strel (Ten Arrows), 1986
  • Ravnodenstvie (Equinox), 1987
  • Archive: History of Aquarium, Vol. 3, 1991
  • Russkii Albom (Russian Album), 1991 (under the name BG-Band)
  • Lyubimie Pesni Ramzesa IV (Favorite Songs of Rameses the IV), 1993
  • Library of Babylon: History of Aquarium, Vol. 4, 1993
  • Kostroma Mon Amour, 1994
  • Peski Peterburga (Sands of Petersburg), 1994
  • Navigator, 1995
  • Snezhnii Lev (Snow Lion), 1996
  • Hyperborea, 1997
  • Kunstcamera, 1998
  • Lilit (Lilith), 1997 (under the name BG and The Band - several members of The Band played on the album; released in the United States under the name Black Moon)
  • Psi, 1999
  • Akvarium. Territoriya (Aquarium. Territory), 2000
  • Sestra Haos (Sister Chaos), 2002
  • Pesni Ribaka (Fisherman's Songs), 2003
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom, 2005
  • Bespechny Russkiy Brodyaga (Carefree Russian Tramp), 2006
  • Loshad' Belaya (White Horse), 2008
  • Pushkinskaya, 10, 2009

Filmography[change | change source]

Films about "Akvarium"[change | change source]

Soundtracks by "Akvarium"[change | change source]

  • Ivanov (1981), dir. A. Nekhoroshev, A. Ilkhovsky
  • Assa (1987), dir. Sergei Solovyov
  • Zolotoy Son (Golden dream, 1989), dir. Sergey Debizhev
  • Chernaya roza - emblema pechali, krasnaya roza - emblema lyubvi (The Black rose..., 1989), dir. Sergei Solovyov
  • Dva kapitana - 2 (Two captains - 2, 1992), dir. S. Debizhev

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