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Borough President Party Term Web site
The Bronx Vanessa Gibson Democratic 2022–present
Brooklyn Antonio Reynoso Democratic 2022–present
Manhattan Mark Levine Democratic 2022–present
Queens Donovan Richards Democratic 2020–present
Staten Island Vito Fossella Republican 2022–present

Borough president is an office in each of the five boroughs of New York City. The office holds executive powers within each borough, and the five borough presidents also sat on the New York City Board of Estimate. Since 1990, the borough presidents have been stripped of a majority of their powers in the government of New York City.

Borough presidents advise the mayor, comment on land-use items in their borough, advocate borough needs in the annual municipal budget process, appoint some officials and community board members, and serve ex officio as members of many boards and committees.[1]

Current borough presidents[change | change source]

The current borough presidents were either elected or re-elected in the most recent election in 2021:

Borough President Image Party Term Website
Flag of Borough of the Bronx.svg The Bronx Vanessa Gibson A picture of Council Member Gibson.jpg Democratic January 2022 – present
Flag of Brooklyn, New York.png Brooklyn Antonio Reynoso Antonio Reynoso.jpg Democratic January 2022 – present
Flag of the Borough of Manhattan.svg Manhattan Mark Levine Mark Levine.jpg Democratic January 2022 – present
Flag of Queens, New York.svg Queens Donovan Richards Queens Borough President Donovan Richards.jpg Democratic December 2020 – present
Flag of Borough of Staten Island.gif Staten Island Vito Fossella Vito Fossella, official 109th Congress photo.jpg Republican January 2022 – present

References[change | change source]

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