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Boxer shorts

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A man wearing boxer shorts
A pair of boxer shorts.

Boxer shorts are men's underwear. They are shorts with a stretchy band, and named after the shorts worn by boxers.

They were first made in the 1930s, but did not become popular until 1947. These days, briefs (Y-fronts) are sold more than boxer shorts.

Some boxer shorts have openings with a snap button for using the toilet (urinating). Others just have an elastic waistband and can be pulled on or off like briefs. They can be made in different colors or patterns. Television displays more men in boxer shorts than in other underwear.

Boxer shorts for women[change | change source]

A woman wearing shorts with a similar pattern to boxers, 2013.

Boxer shorts for women have also been made. They are often worn as loungewear. They are often longer. There have been reports that women have been buying men's boxers for use as underwear.[1]

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