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Boxing Helena is a 1993 American romantic drama movie. It is about a lonely surgeon from Atlanta who gets obsessed with an accident victim named Helena. Sherilyn Fenn plays Helena. This movie was originally marked NC-17 (no children 17 and under admitted). It was later re-rated R on appeal. The movie performed very badly at the box office. The reviews were very negative. This movie was released in September 1993.

Production[change | change source]

There was controversy with the casting of this movie. Madonna[1] and Kim Basinger were each cast as Helena, but backed out. Basinger was taken to court for leaving the role. She lost, and was ordered to pay 8.1 million dollars.[2] The verdict was later set aside on appeal in 1994,[3][4][5][6][7][8] but the actress later settled for $3.8 million.[9]

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