Brahui people

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The main ethnic groups of Pakistan.

The Brahui people (Brahui: بروہی) are the only Dravidian ethnic group in Pakistan. There are around 2.2 million Brahuis, most live in Baluchistan and Afghanistan, where they are native. They are closely linked to the Balochs with whom they have intermingled, and whose cultural traits they have absorbed. The Brahui people are believed to be a remnant of the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization. The Brahui language, also called Brahvi, is a Dravidian language.[1]

DNA studies suggest that the Brahui are most closely related to the ancient Dravidian people, which are descedants of neolithic farmers inhabiting the area between the Zagros mountains area in modern-day Iran and Indus Valley Plains in Pakistan [2]

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