Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Supercell. The game was launched worldwide on December 12, 2018, for iOS and Android.[1]

Gameplay[change | change source]

Game Modes[change | change source]

Game Modes January, 2022
Gem Grab Showdown Brawl Ball Hot Zone Bounty Weekend Events Power League
Solo/Duo Robo Rumble Solo/Team

Game modes such as Trophy Thieves, Basket Brawl, Volley Brawl, Hold the Trophy, Lone Star, and Takedown are not currently in rotation.

Brawlers[change | change source]

Brawlers are characters that can be selected by players, each with different abilities. These brawlers fall into a trio, characterized by similar themes. There is currently 79 brawlers in BrawlStars.

Brawler Rarity Trio Brawler Type
Shelly Starting Brawler Wild West Fighter
Colt Rare Wild West Sharpshooter
Nita Rare Shaman Tribe Fighter
Jessie Super Rare Scrapyard Fighter
Brock Rare Arcade Sharpshooter
Bull Rare Retropolis Heavyweight
Dynamike Super Rare Mine Thrower
Bo Epic Shaman Tribe Fighter
Tick Super Rare Pirate Thrower
8-Bit Super Rare Arcade Sharpshooter
Emz Epic Undead Fighter
Stu Epic Stunt Show Action Assassin
Poco Rare Mexican Support
Barley Rare Town Thrower
Rosa Rare Biology Team Heavyweight
El Primo Rare Mexican Heavyweight
Penny Super Rare Pirate Fighter
Carl Super Rare Mine Fighter
Darryl Super Rare Pirate Heavyweight
Jacky Super Rare Mine Heavyweight
Rico Super Rare Arcade Sharpshooter
Bea Epic Biology Team Sharpshooter
Pam Epic Scrapyard Support
Edgar Epic Giftshop Assassin
Piper Epic Town Sharpshooter
Frank Epic Undead Heavyweight
Bibi Epic Retropolis Batter
Nani Epic Scrapyard Sharpshooter
Griff Epic Giftshop Fighter
Sprout Mythic Biology Team Thrower
Mortis Mythic Undead Dashing Assassin
Tara Mythic Arabian Fighter
Gene Mythic Arabian Support
Byron Mythic Town Support
Mr. P Mythic Snowtel Sharpshooter
Squeak Mythic Starr Force Fighter
Max Mythic Super City Support
Crow Legendary Retropolis Toxic Assassin
Spike Legendary Wild west Sharpshooter
Leon Legendary Shaman Tribe Sneaky Assassin
Sandy Legendary Arabian Support
Amber Legendary Mexican Firebreather
Meg Legendary Super City Damage Dealer
Gale Mythic Snowtel Support
Surge Legendary Super City Fighter
Colette Epic Giftshop Fighter
Lou Mythic Snowtel Support
Ruffs Epic Starr Force Support
Belle Epic Goldarm Gang Sharpshooter
Buzz Mythic Velico-Rapids Buzzassin
Ash Epic Fairytale Courtyard Heavyweight

Unlocking[change | change source]

Brawlers can be unlocked by collecting credits. The amount of credits required to unlock a brawler depends on its rarity. Order of rarities from common to least common is as follows: common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary. Chromatic is a special rarity with Chroma Credits, the amount of Chroma credts needed to unlock a chromatic brawler decreases every season, as the rarity of the chromatic brawler decreases with each season There is 1 chromatic brawler that is unlockable for free from purchasing the Brawl Pass. Credits are obtained from the brawl pass, Chroma Credits are obtained from the free side of the brawl pass.

References[change | change source]

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