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BreadTube, or LeftTube, is a group of online content creators making videos. They often make video essays[1] and livestreams from left-wing perspectives like socialism, communism or anarchism.[2][3][4][5]

Videos[change | change source]

BreadTube creators post videos on YouTube that are discussed on other online platforms, like Reddit.[6] Some BreadTube creators livestream on Twitch.[7]

Creators[change | change source]

BreadTube creators are known to join in a form of "algorithmic hijacking".[8] They will choose to focus on the same topics discussed by content creators with right-wing politics. This lets their videos being recommended to the same audiences who like right-wing or far-right videos.[8] They can expose their thoughts to a wider audience.[6] Many BreadTube creators are funded through crowdfunding. The channels often serve as introductions to left-wing politics for young viewers.[9]

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