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Breast fetishism

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Man looking at a woman's cleavage
An image focusing on female breasts

Breast fetishism (also called breast partialism) is a typical sexual attraction that comes from the sexual desire towards female breasts.

The term breast fetishism is also used in the sense of cultural attention for the breasts of female and the sexuality they represent.

Breasts have roles for both Sexual pleasuring and Nutrition.[1]

Despite most males naturally finding breasts attractive, Breast fetishism is a Paraphilia and comes from the direct desire towards women's breasts [2][3]

Breast fetishism is directly related to Mammary intercourse

Larger breasts are considered to signal increased fertility and function as an important feature used by males to assess female attractiveness.[4]

There are widespread fascinations with women's breasts, especially the size and it's perkiness.[5]


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