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Coordinates: 51°57′0″N 6°37′0″E / 51.95000°N 6.61667°E / 51.95000; 6.61667
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Skyline of Bredevoort
Skyline of Bredevoort
Flag of Bredevoort
Coat of arms of Bredevoort
Location of Bredevoort
Location of Bredevoort
Coordinates: 51°57′0″N 6°37′0″E / 51.95000°N 6.61667°E / 51.95000; 6.61667
 (1 January 2008)
 • Total1,525
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Bredevoort is a small village in the municipality of Aalten, in the region of Achterhoek in the Netherlands. It is between the towns of Aalten and Winterswijk. About 1,600 people live there.

Today they name Bredevoort also Bredevoort boekenstad (Bredevoort book town). There are now more than twenty second-hand book shops in the town.

History[change | change source]

The name Bredevoort appears for the first time in 1188, when the earl of Steinfurt tried to sell his share of the castle to the bishop of Münster and the earl of Lohn tried to sell his share to the earl of Gelderland, a war broke out between the bishop and the earl of Gelderland. The fight lasted for almost two centuries. From 1326, Bredevoort was actual part of Gelderland. Between 1326 and 1696 the municipality of Bredevoort repeatedly changed ownership during the eighties years of war. In 1646, lightning hit the gunpowder tower of the castle of Bredevoort, causing an explosion that destroyed the castle and the town, killing Lord Haersolte of Bredevoort and his family, as well as others. Only one son, Anthonie, who was not home that day, survived. The former municipality of Bredevoort was comprised of the city, the castle Bredevoort, and the villages Aalten, Dinxperlo and Winterswijk. After centuries of war, its fortifications were demolished by its residents. In 1818, the municipality of Bredevoort was dissolved to become part of the city Bredevoort under the newly formed municipality Aalten.

Sights[change | change source]

  • St. Joriskerk, Gothic Church with rococo chair from 1672
  • Windmillmolen 'De Prins van Oranje'
  • Historic centre
  • 19th century theehouse at the town ditch
  • remains from the 17th century city gate

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