Breeza, New South Wales

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New South Wales
Population: 133[1]

Breeza is a small village in New South Wales, Australia. It is about 43 kms south of Gunnedah and 393 km north of Sydney. It is a part of the Gunnedah Shire Local Government Area. Breeza is in the Liverpool Plains agricultural area. The area around Breeza is called the "Breeza Plains". There are about 25 people who live in Breeza,[2] and 133 who live in the area.

Breeza is on the Kamilaroi Highway about halfway between Gunnedah and Quirindi. It is also on the North-west railway line, close to where it crosses the Mooki River. Breeza has a grain silo.

It is often erroneously said that the bushranger Ben Hall was born at Breeza.[3] He was in fact born near Maitland, NSW but his father, Ben HAll Snr worked on Breeza Station at one time.[4] There is a Ben Hall wall with a painting at the roadside rest area/picnic spot.[2] The mural was painted by Bronwyn Bassett.[3]

The bushranger, Frederick Ward, known as 'Thunderbolt', robbed a Mr Matthews on the Breeza Plain in 1865.[2]

Dow AgroSciences has established an agricultural research field station at Breeza which researches wheat breeds.

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Coordinates: 31°15′S 150°28′E / 31.25°S 150.467°E / -31.25; 150.467