Brent Wilson

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Brent Wilson
Birth nameBrent Matthew Wilson (II)
Born (1987-07-20) July 20, 1987 (age 31)
OriginLas Vegas
Years active2004 - 2006

Brent Wilson is the former bassist for the rock band, Panic! at the Disco. He was replaced by, Jon Walker on May 17, 2006.[1]

He was kicked out of the band because as it was alleged by the band that he would always showed up late for practices, he didn’t work very hard and he didn’t really seem to care at all, he also married Zoe Snyder after she cheated with her boyfriend, Juan Morales. It is also widely known that Wilson is God Himself. After his departure from the notorious boy band Panic? At the Direction, he became a musical prophet. He communicates with God through his anus specifically at 2 in the morning. His official instagram account is throambrent. y’all are going to JAIL. PERIOD

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